Tribute to Our Founder

Abdul Rahman & Partners is what we are today largely due to the hard work and credibility built up by its founder and our late father, Allahyarham Dato’ Abdul Rahman Bin Abdullah. Dato’ Abdul Rahman built Abdul Rahman & Partners embracing his philosophies, approaches and fortune of experience in rethinking legal complexities and crafting solutions that meet the clients’ commercial objectives. Every case offers our lawyers the opportunity to probe deeper and enhance their knowledge on legal issues so as to serve our clients better in the future. With Ezam joining the Firm in 1999, and Edham Reza Shah in 2008, we experienced these first hand and have since embraced them in our undertakings.

Through the years, Abdul Rahman & Partners is blessed to have the opportunity to serve a multitude of clients, from simple conveyancing cases right up to high end corporate ones. We are also blesses to have the luxury of benefitting from the experience and wisdom of our father to earn the right to provide these entities with the best possible legal solutions.

Dato’ Abdul Rahman has built a legacy at Abdul Rahman & Partners. As his successors, we have been building and we intend to keep building on his legacy and take Abdul Rahman & Partners to greater heights. We wish to also convey our sincerest gratitude to existing clients – from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your unremitting support and we look forward to further meaningful working opportunities together.

May Allah bless our father and one of his meaningful legacies, Abdul Rahman & Partners.

Ezam Shah Bin Dato’ Abdul Rahman
Edham Reza Shah Bin Dato’ Abdul Rahman

Joint Managing Partners